Hosting the 33rd Annual MVHS MUN Conference

    Advanced Committees

    Select the relevant tab above to find your committee.  Please click on the topic synopses in order to download, and email your position paper to the committee email address given.

    You can find the position paper format and other useful information under the “Delegate Info” section of the Conference menu.  Or, you can view the position paper format by clicking here.

    All position paper are due on Friday, January 8th.

    In the interest of fairness, the MVHS MUN Conference will  allow electronic devices in committee, such as laptops and iPads, but will also project handwritten resolution papers.


    (General Assembly)

    Topics will be finalized by the first week of October.

    1. The Impact of the Civil War in Syria
    2. Containment and Prevention of Ebola Virus

    1st Disc
    1. Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    2. Nuclear Disarmament

    2nd ECOFIN
    1. Sovereignty of the Palestinian People
    2. Challenges Facing Landlocked Developing Countries

    4th SPD
    1. Recruitment and Reorganization of Peacekeepers
    2. Rights of Indigenous People

    6th Legal
    1. Drone Warfare
    2. Reformation of the Security Council


    Topics will be finalized by the first week of October.

    1. Child Labor in China
    2. Child Soldiers: Repatriation, Reintegration, and Recovery

    1. Narcotics Trafficking
    2. Building Democratic Governance in Developing Countries

    1.  Organ Trafficking
    2. Narcoterrorism

    1. Reproductive Rights of Women
    2. Religious Effects on Women

    1. Mental Healthcare After Disasters
    2. Road Safety and Traffic Injuries



    Topics will be finalized by the first week of October.

    Security Council
    1. ISIS
    2. North Korean Nuclear Capabilities

    Historic Security Council
    1. Operation Iraqi Freedom
    2. The Gulf War

    Council of the European Union
    1. Middle Eastern Refugee Crisis
    2. Greek Debt Crisis

    1. Vladimir Putin
    2. Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo

    1. Aerial Incident (Iran v. USA)
    2. Nuclear Disarmament (Marshall Islands v Pakistan)

    Futuristic Security Council

    1. Artificial Intelligence

    2. Climate Change

    Ad Hoc on Terror

    Topics to be determined.

    Ad Hoc on Terror

    1. Biological Warfare

    2. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria


    Topics to be finalized by the first week of October.

    Normal Committees:

    Sri Lankan Civil War

    Crisis Committees:

    Sri Lankan Parliament
    Sri Lankan Civil War

    Indian Parliament
    Sri Lankan Civil War

    Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
    Sri Lankan Civil War