Advanced Committees

Select the relevant tab above to find your committee. Please click on the topic synopses in order to download, and email your position paper to the committee email address given.

You can find the position paper format and other useful information under the “Delegate Info” section of the Conference menu.

All position paper are due on Friday, January 6th.

In the interest of fairness, the MVHS MUN Conference will allow electronic devices in committee, such as laptops and iPads, but will also project handwritten resolution papers.

Topic synopses will be available by December 5th.

Non United Nations Organizations

Topic: Great African Scramble

NUNO, being a special set of committees, has a different position paper format. A paper that does not follow the specific format will not be taken into consideration. Characters involved in these committees are not based off real people throughout history, and any reference to someone is purely coincidental. Go to the Character Background document for your committee, and become acquainted with your character's background and policies.

Crisis 1 - Great Britain

Crisis 2 - France

Crisis 3 - Portugal

Crisis 4 - Izakakwai Tribe