The 2016-2017 MVHS MUN Secretariat is a group of Model United Nations students chosen by their peers to organize the 34th annual MVHS MUN Conference.  The students who were selected to be on the Secretariat went through a system of voting and interviews for their respective positions.  A total of 12 seniors comprise the Secretariat this year.  These students began work on the MVHS MUN Conference in the Spring of 2016, and will continue planning through much of the Fall of the same year.  The Secretariat aims to ensure that each delegate experiences a well-organized and professional conference.  A significant amount of time and effort has been put in to assure the quality of the committees and the debate therein, as expected by experienced Model UN delegates.  Below, you will find the name and position of each Secretariat member, along with a short personal bio.


USG = Under Secretary General – a Secretariat member in charge of conference committees
DG = Director General – a Secretariat member in charge of the operations of the conference


Hi! I’m Jackson Maxwell, and I’m thrilled to be your Secretary-General for this coming conference! This will be our 34th year hosting MVHSMUN, making us one of the oldest programs in Orange County.

My involvement in MUN began in middle school, but it wasn’t until my first year at Mission that things really started taking off. Since then, I’ve taken my competitive mentality and applied it to individual committees as well as the leadership of the program in general. In addition to MUN, I hold positions in Key Club, GSA, Cappies and Drama Council, and I’m also interning on a State Assembly campaign.

In my free time, I like to surf, sail, and hang out with friends. I’m also an amateur photographer/graphic designer as well as a singer in MVHS musicals. Of course, I don’t get a lot of free time due to my full IB course load, but I try to make do with what I have.

As Secretary-General, I’m in charge of all the planning and organizing for our program, whether it be for freshman orientation, night debates, Secretariat, or the conference itself. I’m working with a fantastic group of people this year, and I can’t wait for January!

Hello everyone! My name is Isabelle Yu and this is my fourth year in the brilliant MVHS MUN program. I am so honored and thrilled to be serving on this year’s MVHS MUN Secretariat as Chef du Cabinet (aka queen of facilities). If you were mistaken by the “Chef”, my sincere apologies I actually do not cook but can achieve in making perfect soft boiled eggs on a good day.
Besides engaging in the eye opening wonders of MUN, I am involved in numerous other organizations, such as being Co-president of the National Honors Society at Mission and Vice President of the Make a Wish Club. I am also involved in CSF, have full course load of IB classes, and have been a part of the Girl’s Track and Field team here at Mission.
Outside of school, you can find me feeding my soul with alternative music, bike riding with my dad, traveling, and gleefully satiating my voracious appetite with cuisines from all around the globe.
I am so thrilled to be working with the rest of this year’s secretariat to put on an amazing conference for all you lovely delegates and I can't wait to see u there! 🙂


Good afternoon (or evening, or morning, or whatever time you’re viewing this at). My name is Yu Heng Cheng, and I’ll be the Comptroller General for this 2015-2016 conference. You won’t see me much, as I run things behind the scenes (assigning delegates to committees, sending invoices for payments). I’m currently a senior in high school, and this will be my fourth year of MUN. At school, I’m president of our Science Olympiad Team, and co-president of the Help Our Planet Club, an environmental club that also runs the school recycling program. In my free time, I’m an avid pianist and composer, and occasionally, I engage in a variety of crafts, from origami to sword-building (no joke). When I’m not feeling productive at all, I curl up on my bed and binge watch anime, and lots of it. May the odds (or rather, the Comptroller Matrix) be ever in your favor, and I hope you enjoy our conference!


Hi guys! My name is Jenae Vancura and I’ll be your USG of Novice Committees for this year’s MVHSMUN conference. I am a very active student here at Mission, and getting involved in the community is my passion! Not only am I in MUN, but I have also participated in Track and Field, Cross Country, technical theater, dance, NHS, CSF and last year I was in the Spring Musical, Sweet Charity. Last year I started a Chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation on campus and in the last 9 months we raised nearly $1,000! Outside of school, I volunteer at CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital, an activity that I love because it prepares me well for a future in pediatric medicine. When I’m not at school or doing volunteer work, I love watching some of my favorite shows, including Grey's Anatomy, Designated Survivor, and The Walking Dead. I also enjoy reading, writing, shopping, hanging out with my friends, or petting my two cats, Miso and Oreo.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of the fresh new faces ready to learn all about our MUN program! I hope that the saturday that you spend in our novice committees will not only teach you all about how Model United Nations works, but that you’ll have a lot of fun meeting new people and working to solve global issues. See ya there!

My name is Drew Calof and I am a member of the MVHSMUN 2016-2017 Secretariat. I hold the position of USG of General Assembly, meaning that I will be in charge of the largest committees in the entirety of the MUN program. This will be my fifth year in MUN and I am truly elated to be a part of such a wonderful program! Beyond MUN, I also am active in Mission’s Drama and Choral programs, holding the positions of Choir Librarian and Bass Section Leader, along with being a member of the most advanced Drama class that Mission offers. On top of all this, I am a full-IB student, taking some of the most rigorous courses available!

With all of my remaining free time, I hold an internship at the Dana Point Ocean Institute, where I am working for my third year on multiple research projects relating to whale and dolphin behavior. Some of my hobbies include reading science fiction, performing on stage, and singing classical music.


Hello, delegates!!! My name is McKenna Etheridge, and I'm proud and honored to be this year's Under-Secretary General of Economic and Social Committees (USG of ECOSOC)!! I'll be handling all the committees that deal with some of the biggest discussion topics for teens, including human and civil rights, the environment, and all that jazz! I'm very excited to be working with my other MUNers on these amazing topics!

A little about me: I'm a senior here at MVHS, and I've done MUN for four years. When I'm not killing myself over my classes and workload or working on the conference, I'm in the choir room. For three years, I have fallen in love with choral music. I'm a soprano in the MVHS Chamber Singers, the highest choral group at my school. Before that, I was in the advanced women's ensemble (Treble Choir) for two years.

There is one accomplishment that I would love to share. I was the representative for MVHS at the California Girls State conference in Claremont. CAGS is an experience for senior girls to learn about the functioning of their government and create their own version of California. It's a week of also inspiring young women in California to pursue politics and whatever they so desire. This was the best week of my life since I left with a newfound passion, confidence, and about 550+ new sisters.

Other than that: I'm a musical theater groupie, and Harry Potter and country music are my life. I'm also very proud to work at In-N-Out Burger in Laguna Hills! That's about it for me! I can't wait to see y'all at the conference!

secretariat pic

Hi everyone! My name is Catherine Nohra and I am the Under Secretary General of Specialized Committees here at Mission, my job is to coordinate and oversee all of the Advanced Specialized committees including the Security Council and International Criminal Court. For the past four years MUN has shaped my high school experience and I can’t wait to share that with all of you at this years’ conference!

When I’m not busy with MUN I am involved in a variety of programs, I played JV girls’ golf for two years, have participated in Academic Decathlon, and am now the President of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF). Along with this I also manage a full IB schedule.

Outside of school I am passionate about volunteering, while on the weekends I am typically catching up on a TV show or listening to entire albums on repeat. I can guarantee that most of my Friday nights are spent at football games or Comedy Sportz matches (unless I am preparing for an MUN conference striving to attain a higher level of excellency in proposed solutions). M-U-N is F-U- N and I hope that after attending our conference you feel more enlightened about world issues and inspired to make a difference in our world.

See you then!

sarthHey Everyone! I’m Sarth Shah the USG of NUNO for the 34 th annual MVHS MUN conference. I’m so excited to be part of this year’s MVHS Secretariat. This is my sixth year in MUN, and I can definitely say that MUN has been such a great experience for me. As the USG of NUNO, I basically organize the best committees at our conference (no biases there). In addition to that you will probably hate me. In the crisis committees, you will make supposed compromise and then I will walk in and shatter all your hopes for peace. All the hard work of yours will be squished under my foot, but you’ll get a taste of that at the conference.When I’m not busy MUN-ing it up, I usually end up destroying Pahrsa’s (DG OPI) ankles in basketball. When I’m not doing that, I keep myself active in clubs, other sports, and the IB program. I participate in CSF, NHS, Science Olympiad, and Chess Club. I play Varsity Tennis for our school, and I used to play basketball in freshmen and sophomore year for our school. Also, I keep a heavy AP/IB workload as an IB student. Outside of school, I go to the gym, beach, and hang out with my friends. I also am a music fanatic. I always have a song in my head that I’m singing. I mainly listen to rap but sometimes I’m feeling alternative. I’m so happy to be on such a great secretariat filled with a bunch of amazing people, and I can’t wait to meet you all at the conference. Come ready to have fun, and I’m going to try to make this your favorite and my favorite conference ever. I can’t wait, and I hope you bring your best to the conference! 🙂


My name is Will Holt-Hillis and I am Mission Viejo’s Director General of MUN Conferences. In addition to MUN, I am in the AP and IB programs, CSF, NHS, Cross Country, and Track and Field. In my spare time I like to go to the beach and shred the gnar. I also like to go hiking, especially in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. My first and only love of my life is food, as I am in the constant pursuit of the perfect cheeseburger. My ideal cheeseburger is a thick and juicy patty, with a perfectly toasted but light bun, colby jack cheese, spicy dijon mustard, crispy lettuce, moist onions, and fresh guacamole. If you find a burger that meets those requirements, e-mail me at

My position for the MVHS 34th Annual MUN Conference is responsible for setting up and breaking down the decorations and flags in the main gym. I am mega-excited for every delegate to spend their glorious weekend at our exclusive In-N-Out catered MUN Conference.


Hello Delegates!

My name is Pahrsa Hashemi and I am the Director General of the Office of Public Information (OPI) for Mission Viejo High School’s 34th annual MUN conference. Being head of OPI requires patience and lots of busy work; I am in charge of making the country placards, credentials, as well as making any and all awards, essentially the Kinkos of the MUN conference. This will be my 6th year of MUN and I am beyond ecstatic to see what this final year has in store.

Aside from MUN, I manage a partial AP/Honors course schedule; I am the President of our school’s Pediatric Diabetes Awareness Club and also have dedicated two years to playing basketball for our freshmen and sophomore basketball teams here at Mission. I’ve also spent this last year coaching youth recreation basketball. I am proud to say that our team holds the title for league champions!

Outside of school activities, I like to spend my free time eating LOTS of Chipotle and Chic-Fil-A. I enjoy playing basketball and wrecking anyone that tries to play me (especially Sarth, our USG of NUNO), managing multiple fantasy football leagues (it’s basically a part time job), and going to the beach. In my spare time, you’ll find me watching Big Brother, Brooklyn 99, and Bachelor in Paradise (no shame). I enjoy listening to music (preferably Flume or Childish Gambino).

I look forward seeing you all at our conference. Feel free to come and visit me in the OPI room!

bryanHey there! I'm Bryan Ho, MVHS' DG of Technology for the 2016-2017 conference. Currently in my 4th year in MUN, I am very excited to be on the secretariat this year, and I hope I can help you have an amazing time here at Mission. For the conference, I am in charge of all the techy stuff, such as the projectors and the spreadsheets we use to run the committees. In general though, I am the person that fixes everyone elses' problems.In addition to MUN, I am practically a super nerd. I'm in both the AP and IB program as well as the Drama program. I also take part in a lot of extracurriculars: I'm the treasurer for the school's Key Club and Help Our Planet Club, Mission's primary recycling organization. I am also a part of the Science Olympiad and Academic Decathlon teams.Outside of school, I like to hang out with friends, watch movies, and play videogames. I like to think I'm good at Super Smash Bros., but I'm really not. I also enjoy playing chess as well, especially when I get to destroy Sarth Shah (our USG of NUNO).But enough about me; this conference is all about you! I look forward to seeing you at Mission this year! Good luck, have fun!
jakeMy name is Jake Reilly and I am the Director General of Media for MVHS MUN. My job entails coordinating and designing the media aspects of our conference. As a senior, I have seen this MUN program develop throughout the years and am incredibly grateful to be a part of MVHS MUN history. Apart from MUN, I am on the football team at Mission Viejo High School and hold 2 CIF titles and 1 State title. On my free time, I enjoy going to the beach and hanging out with friends. Overall, I’m a pretty basic guy. I look forward to seeing you all at our conference!