The 2017-2018 MVHS MUN Secretariat is a group of Model United Nations students chosen by their peers to organize the 35th annual MVHS MUN Conference.  The students who were selected to be on the Secretariat went through a system of voting and interviews for their respective positions.  A total of 12 seniors comprise the Secretariat this year.  These students began work on the MVHS MUN Conference in the Spring of 2017, and will continue planning through much of the Fall of the same year.  The Secretariat aims to ensure that each delegate experiences a well-organized and professional conference.  A significant amount of time and effort has been put in to assure the quality of the committees and the debate therein, as expected by experienced Model UN delegates.  Below, you will find the name and position of each Secretariat member, along with a short personal bio.


USG = Under Secretary General – a Secretariat member in charge of conference committees
DG = Director General – a Secretariat member in charge of the operations of the conference


Hi everyone! My name is Zoe Kim, and I’m the Secretary General of MVHSMUN. In January, we will be celebrating our ‘jade’ anniversary - our 35th conference! Senior year will be my fourth fantastic year in MUN, and I am so excited to be sharing it with you all.As Secretary General, I am in charge of keeping the conference on schedule. I help to do a little bit of everything, as well as acting as the liaison between the students, the parents, and our teacher advisors. Basically, if you have any questions, I usually have an answer myself or know someone who does.When I’m not yelling at my fellow Secretariat members, I enjoy watching bad movies, playing ukulele, and spending time with my dog and fish. I’m a Slytherin and I failed the pushup test every year of elementary school. I hope to go to college in New York City and study journalism with an emphasis in international relations.If you need anything, feel free to contact me: @zoemkay on Instagram

Hi there! My name is Haley Christian and I am the Chef du Cabinet! At school, you can find me constantly in my books as I am a full IB student. I partake in NHS, CSF and am president of Spanish Honors Society! I played golf for 3 years and can be found binge watching reality TV shows, taking my dogs to the dog park or attending church in my free time. I have been in MUN for 4 years and love having a global outlook and broadened perspective on world issues! Thank you for attending our conference, I hope to see all your smiling faces around campus!.



Hello everyone! My name is Cara Drake and I am this year's comptroller general. I communicate with the other schools attending our conference and manage our invoices. I have been in the MUN program for three years, just as long as I have been at mission. Outside of school I shoot recurve olympic archery at a national level, volunteer at my church on the weekends and read all things nerdy. In school I am a part of the IB program and am part of CSF, Key club, FCA, and Diablo art magazine.

My name is Makena Gordon, and I’m this year’s USG of Novice! I’ve been a part of the MVHS MUN program for 4 years now and it is honestly one of my favorite things about school. I also play lacrosse here at MVHS and I’m going on my 4th year of that as well. Outside of school I also work at It’s A Grind. When I’m not drowning in homework or at work, I like to hang out with my friends, shop, go to the beach, and watch Law and Order SVU or The Office. I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I also have a dog, Wyatt, and a beta fish, Swimmy Todd; my BFF Calista Gibbs got Swimmy for me. This is me and Cali’s dog:


I hope you guys are as excited as I am for the conference! Catch me wandering around the second day when novice committees are done. See you in January!

Hi my name is Alex Murg and I'm the USG of GA! I'm so excited to help put on this conference and hope you have wonderful time. In school I am in the IB program, a bunch of AP classes, MUN, Mock Trial, and a bunch of clubs. Outside of school you can usually find me rowing at the Newport Aquatic Center, singing at my church, hiking, going to the beach, or at Disney!


Hello! My name is Rebecca and I'm the USG of ECOSOC. In school I swim, play the violin, am co-president of NHS, and am vice president of mock trial! Out of school I like to go to the beach, hang out with friends, travel, and appreciate the sunset. My favorite things in the world are puppies, ice cream, and all things Disney! I am down to jam out to High School Musical, old Taylor Swift, Hannah Montana, or the Jonas Brothers at any time.


Hi everyone! My name is Mansour Lawand and I am the Under Secretary General of Specialized Committees here at Mission, my job is to coordinate and oversee all of the Advanced Specialized committees including the Security Council and International Criminal Court. For the past four years MUN has shaped my high school experience and I can’t wait to share that with all of you at this years’ conference!

When I’m not busy with MUN I am involved in a variety of programs, I played JV boys’ golf for two years, have participated in Academic Decathlon, and am now the President of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF). Along with this I also manage a full IB schedule.

Outside of school I am passionate about volunteering, while on the weekends I am typically catching up on a TV show or listening to entire albums on repeat. I can guarantee that most of my Friday nights are spent at football games or Comedy Sportz matches (unless I am preparing for an MUN conference striving to attain a higher level of excellency in proposed solutions). M-U-N is F-U- N and I hope that after attending our conference you feel more enlightened about world issues and inspired to make a difference in our world.

See you then!

sarthHey everyone! My name is Lukas Hessler and I will be your USG of NUNO for Mission Viejo’s 35th annual Model United Nations. This year is my fourth year of MUN and I am super excited to be a part of this years secretariat. As USG of NUNO, I am in charge of organizing and making sure all NUNO committees run efficiently. In NUNO, you all will have to deal with all the pandemonium and havoc I wreak on the NUNO committees. In this regard, you will probably come to hate me and all the problems I cause for you on conference day and I apologize in advance. Aside from MUN, I balance a rigorous AP workload and participate in volunteer programs like CSF and NHS. Besides school, I am a beach-goer, exercise junkie, dog lover, movie fanatic, and ping-pong protege. However, what I spend most of my time doing in my freetime is watching football and being the proud manager of 4 fantasy football teams and I am content in that they take up way too much of my time:). I also spend a lot of time playing competitive soccer at both the club level and here at MVHS. I’m really looking forward to putting on a great conference with such a good group of fellow secretariat members and can’t wait to meet you all at conference. I’m going to try my hardest to make NUNO your favorite committee you have ever chosen to be in, and I hope you all have a positive experience at our conference!!!


Hi! My name is Cali Gibbs and I am Director General of Conference Planning. In addition to my involvement in the MUN program, I am in the IB program, AP classes, NHS, CSF, and I play lacrosse with my ultimate BFF Makena Gordon.Speaking of Makena, pictured above is her beautiful dog, Wyatt. I’ve known Wyatt now for about five years. I love Wyatt more than I love most humans.In addition to my love for Wyatt, I also love star gazing, going on road trips, taking naps, traveling, and going on long walks on the beach. I can relate to anyone who is sleep deprived or loves to binge watch shows (but usually the two are related)!If you ever want to talk about shows, traveling, or life, slide into my dms @ cali.gibbs on instagram.I’m PUMPED to see ya soon. <3


Hi there! My name is Jade Bolton and I am this year’s Director General of Office of Public Information. OPI controls and creates all of the paper materials to run the conference. Each credential, placard, and (hopefully) award a delegate receives comes from me. Think of OPI as a post office, and you’re getting important mail. I started MUN in seventh grade at Los Alisos (Go Lobos!), and have not left since. It’s my favorite extracurricular. When it comes to my school life, I am heavily involved. I am an International Baccalaureate Diploma candidate, copy editor for the El Viejo yearbook, and the Vice President of California Scholarship Federation as well as Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica. Outside of school I can be found volunteering at the hospital, library, and working with the Orange County Transportation Authority.For fun, I love going to concerts (good chance you could find me in the front row). Although my job is mainly behind the scenes, if you see me during conference weekend, don’t hesitate to say hello! Some of my closest friends I’ve met through MUN, and I would love to get to know more people before my MUN time comes to a close. Remember to have fun, do something out of your debate comfort zone, and rest assured that OPI, and the entire Secretariat, is working hard to ensure the weekend runs smoothly. PS: This conference is even more special, the 35th anniversary is known as the Jade anniversary! You could say this is my conference… J

spencerHey there! I'm Spencer, MVHS' DG of Technology for the 2017-2018 conference. Currently in my 6th year in MUN, I am very excited to be on the secretariat this year, and I hope I can help you have an amazing time here at Mission. For the conference, I am in charge of all the techy stuff, such as the projectors and the spreadsheets we use to run the committees. In general though, I am the person that fixes everyone elses' problems.In addition to MUN, I am practically a super nerd. I'm in both the AP and IB program as well as the Drama program. I also take part in a lot of extracurriculars: I'm the treasurer for the school's Key Club and Help Our Planet Club, Mission's primary recycling organization. I am also a part of the Science Olympiad and Academic Decathlon teams.Outside of school, I like to hang out with friends, watch movies, and play videogames. I like to think I'm good at Super Smash Bros., but I'm really not. I also enjoy playing chess as well, especially when I get to destroy Mansour Lawand (our USG of NUNO).But enough about me; this conference is all about you! I look forward to seeing you at Mission this year! Good luck, have fun!
matt Hey! My name is Matt Andrews and I’m your DG of Media for the 2017-18 school year. I’m super pumped for our 35th conference this year! Outside of MUN, I’m involved in ASB, football, basketball, and I’m a full IB candidate. I love sports and I can do some pretty solid work with a video camera. I’m crazy excited to see all of you guys in January!