Mission, Vision, and Values

MVHSMUN’s Mission is to create a memorable conference by bringing delegates’ strengths to the table while striving to conquer their weaknesses. This will be accomplished by keeping the delegates engaged, working hard, and learning the process with topics that make them critically think and actively participate. Mission Viejo High School strives to be the number one High School MUN Conference on the West Coast by providing a professional, dedicated, and enjoyable environment for each and every delegate looking for competitive debate.

MVHSMUN’s Visions the schools and students attending our conference will gain knowledge, experience and some new friends by coming to our conference this January. Mission Viejo High School MUN Program encourages delegates to work as a team as we provide the delegates with innovative and captivating topics that will be led by professional Dais members. Our topics are based on relevant or controversial issues that we believe spark cooperation.

MVHSMUN Values delegates who strive to achieve their goals concerning their country policy and committee work, including finishing their work on time while helping to maintain a smooth-running committee. Our Dais members will strive to inform delegates of correct procedures, as well as implement them. They will also involve their delegates equally and diplomatically while keeping professional control of the committee.