Hosting the 31st Annual MVHS MUN Conference


Welcome to the Conference Site for the 31st Annual MVHS MUN Conference!

MVHSMUN is proud to be a part of the ShelterBox foundation for the 31st MVHSMUN Conference. ShelterBox has been indispensable in helping with many disasters, whether man-made or natural. They deliver boxes of aid to those people that need them most, but they don’t only help people to survive; they also provide them with shelter and allow them to have dignity. The boxes, $1,000 each, include weather-proof tents and many other supplies. Our goal is to raise enough money for at least 2 boxes, which is only $2,000. If we raise enough for a box, then you, as delegates, will be able to see where your box goes to help those in need. Help us in our support of ShelterBox. Remember, “Together We Can; Together We Will.”


Hosting MVHS MUN on January 18th and 19th