Welcome to the Conference Site for the 35th Annual MVHS MUN Conference!


Gradesheets are up!


Please support this year’s charity: The Red Cross Disaster Relief. They are devoted to helping hurricane stricken areas. With the money you raise, you will be changing people’s lives by enabling Red Cross to provide aid and support for those affected.
When a hurricane or tropical storm strikes, your donation helps the Red Cross provide shelter, food and comfort to families. The Red Cross is committed to being a part of the long-term recovery in areas affected by the recent Hurricanes. We realize there continues to be unmet needs, and the Red Cross is turning the focus of our resources to the next phase of recovery. This next phase will center on recovery support for households whose homes were destroyed or suffered major damage and need extra help. This includes additional financial assistance. We are working alongside community and government partners now to develop these longer-term plans and will share additional information in the next few weeks.